Your Ultimate Guide to The Best Box Mods in the Market

Vaping has been one of the most monumental inventions that has been made in recent years, as many of its loving patrons would say it is. It has undoubtedly greatly impacted modern life, health, and culture, and continues to pave way for more innovations in the arena of recreational puffing. It has become such a phenomenon that its popularity has skyrocketed and has been one of the main staples in the ‘smoking’ scene in every country and continent – something that is very impressive considering that this technology was only introduced in the early 2000’s. This technology has been the talk of the town as it promises things that are practically unheard of: healthy smoking, smoking with different flavors, and the like. These reasons have, obviously and undoubtedly, appealed and found its way to many people’s vaping wishlists and – let’s be honest – wallets. But is vaping really just that? Oh no – vaping is much, much more than being a healthier version and alternative to the normal, unhealthy smoking. Vaping has been known for its customizability – unit structures, batteries, flavors – name it and probably any and every vape company available have, carry, and offer what you exactly need. This is definitely one of the pros that is keeping (and will continue to do so) many patrons and newer converts in the hobby. But what is the real deal with these customizations? How are they important, and how are they possibly life changing for a lot of smokers? Continue reading

The Best Box Mods Brands 2016

A certain customization that has been making headlines in the vaping world are box mods. Box mods are – as obviously stated in its name – boxes in which certain intricate mechanisms are enclosed to further regulate the voltage that runs through the unit, which in turn controls the rate in which your e-liquid is being vaporized. This is very ideal if you are a vaper that wants to personalize how dense, big, and intense your vaping clouds are, and how memorable your sessions will be – a certain dream for everyone who vapes! This article will expound and discuss the whole concept of vaping in depth (if you are still not familiar with it whatsoever, and if we can actually round up what vaping is, as a whole, in this measly article), and all things connected to it – especially box mods – that will take your vaping sessions to a whole new level, and your experiences unforgettable and one-of-a-kind!

A Short Introduction to Vaping, The Healthier New Thing

Ever felt the need to change a certain habit because it is potentially dangerous to your life? Well, trust me – many smokers have felt this (and I say that without any statistical backing because we all know how real this statement is) regarding their hard, borderline addictive nicotine intake by traditional rolled tobacco cigar and/or cigarette smoking habits. Lighting up and smoking traditional rolled tobacco cigars and cigarettes have been known to be very detrimental to the respiratory system of the smoker, which is attributed to its many byproducts – tar, many cancer-causing elements, toxic metals, and poisonous gases. They are also a threat to the people around them (research suggests that these people are actually more harmed than the smoker themselves), who take in the smoke as well – the secondhand smokers, as they are more commonly called. Many people have suffered through many horrifying medical ordeals, such as the different cancers of the whole respiratory system, from the mouth to the lungs, as well as kidney, bladder, pancreas, and many others. Some have lived to learn their lesson, while some got what they asked for. So is this how you plan to go? No, because I know you are better than that.

If you’re reading this, I am absolutely sure that you are more than familiar with vaping, and what it exactly refers to. But, if you are just a just a dandy reader and an overall curious creature that just want to know about what things have been up to in modern society and the newest technological advancements that are taking the world – and practically everyone – by storm, then let me define it for you: vaping is the newest, healthier, and the better smoking choice that everyone is shifting to. In 2003, after a lot of research, designing, and structure manipulation, vaping had been introduced in order to give people who wanted to smoke, but are afraid of all of its health repercussions the chance, to puff their stress away.

The e-cigarette, the mechanized unit that resembles a traditional cigar, has three important parts and pieces – the mouthpiece, the e-liquid (and its tank), and the atomizer. These three parts stand for the traditional burn-and-puff cigar and cigarette – a mouthpiece that acts as the traditional filter, the e-liquid tank (that is filled with the all-important e-liquid) as the cigarette body, and the atomizer as the ember that heats and makes the essence of the cigarette. From these parts one can deduce the main difference between the traditional and the new – smoke and vapor. This was made possible by vaping’s technology of boiling – vaporizing (thus the term vaping) – an e-liquid, a solution that will become the vapers smoke that carries flavor as well as other elements that make the experience more like the traditional smoking, such as different nicotine levels (which is controllable and is in the hands of the user – some offer 0% nicotine, while other have higher levels in order to help transitioning individuals). Because the user only puffs vapor, none (or, for hard skeptics out there, very little) harm to the body, as compared to the damnation that one is doomed to when a tobacco cigar or cigarette is lit up. This innovation is partnered by many possibilities of customization, something that traditional smoking is lacking. Your mouthpiece a bit awkward when you puff? Get another one and make your mouth at home with the new one. Don’t like the flavor of the e-liquid that you are vaporizing and puffing on? Go get a new one – there’s are margarita flavored one, pineapple, caramel coffee latte – whichever and whatever you crave, you can go get it! Want a thicker, denser, warmer vapor? Now that is the perfect time to get that box mod! (And keep reading for more information about such a great innovation!)

Box Mods: Make Your Vaping Better

As discussed in the earlier parts of this article, vaping was birthed with a lot of customization – name one and your unit can more or less handle and deliver what you need. One of the most interesting (and probably the most game-changing out of all these customizations) is the ability to regulate the voltage that runs through your unit, to make your vapor fit your personal needs and preferences. These vape ‘accessories’, extras, add-ons, whatever you want to call it, are called box mods.

In simpler terms, a box mod is an added mechanism to the vape unit enclosed inside a box which controls and regulates the voltage that is running through the atomizer, to give you control over your vapor. This box utilizes batteries, usually two li-on batteries that can either be taken out or are permanently enclosed in the unit, and a chip to fulfill its use and navigate through the tasks you set it to do. Box mods have been the latest rage in the vaping world, as it transcends the usual, ‘given’ vapor intensity of set and commercially available vape units. These units have buttons that control the voltage that the vaper wants and needs – each company offers different voltage ranges, some from 20W-40W, some 50W-70W, and some even going up to 80W or higher, some of which will have buttons which will have increments of 10, others depending on the provider – you can rest assured that one box mod will be right for you, and your own personal taste and preference!

Also, these units usually offer the greatest vape unit battery life, and they would usually last any vaper the ample amount of time that one takes to enjoy a good amount of quality vape sessions.

The Many Types of Box Mods

What makes box mods more interesting and useful as they are? Variety, of course! There are two main kinds of box mods, both of which offer different experiences to the vaper. Find your niche from the kinds of mods below, and get your vape on! Basically, there two ‘kinds’ of box mods that exist and are offered in the market – regulated and the unregulated box mods. The difference between the two are remarkably simple, but they are very fundamental to the whole box mod vaping experience that you can, and will experience.

A unregulated box mod is a box mod that is regarded as highly similar to that of a mechanical mod, which is more mainstream and can be found in more units, only with a slightly different structure. These boxes connect their batteries to the atomizer, and they are directly related to how full the battery is charged, as well the resistance of the coil that is used in your unit. This will result to a fairly normal vape experience. The regulated one, however, has a more intricate circuitry and system that yields a rather more interesting experience for vapers who choose to puff the unit. Regulated box mods have variable wattage and would have different buttons for different wattages, which makes the puff from the unit cloudier, warmer, and more flavorful.

How Do You Use Box Mods Though?

Box mods, being the vaping saviors that they are, seem to be complicated to understand, manipulate, and work out, but they are the exact opposite – box mods that are available in the market are made and offered to the public as very friendly, easy-to-use devices that are just a button push away from working and making the vape you have always dreamt of. So there is no issue on that – just find the right one for you and your specific needs (get those fingers ready – stretch them and warm them up to type!) through intensive research!

If you are ever curious as to how they actually work – it’s a wee bit complicated. Different wattage powers the atomizers differently, producing vapors according to how you set them to be – the higher the voltage, the cloudier the vape, the warmer the temperature, and the more flavorful the vapor. 100% right up in that customized vape that every vaper wants.

Now, an important discussion: how are the box mods different from, let’s say, a vaporizer. Vaporizer is the general term to categorize such units. Now, why are box mods better than vaporizers – simple: customizability (something that has been said in this article for quite a few times now – but hey, this is what this whole article is anchored on!). Box mods can change voltages, thus temperature, cloud intensity, and flavor is different, all in one unit. With a normal vaporizer, one cannot do such a thing. Box mods, indeed, are the way to go.

The Pros and The Cons of Box Mods

Box mods are, indeed, a gift to the human race, but it is inevitable that they have certain drawbacks. The most obvious benefit and positive side of having these box mods, regulated or unregulated, is that it can deliver different experiences to different people. This flexibility and huge room for customization makes room for the addressing the big market of very different vapers who demand different things, and are satisfied by different kinds of vapes.

One con to this device is that if ever it is given to hands who are not at all familiar with how it works and are not careful enough and interested enough to notice the different intricacies that these boxes hold and offer, it may short-circuit, catch fire, and put your life in danger. So always be mindful of how you handle your unit, and try to learn more about it as you use it to avoid any accidents whatsoever.

Ahh, the advancement that vapers have always wanted (and if you have not always wanted this, once you give it a try, it will surely fulfill a fantasy deep within you that you have never known existed. To say that you will be pleasantly surprised is a grave understatement after you puff your very first box mod) is here. This trend may have only come fairly recently (around 2015 through 2016), but it never, and will never, be late for development and improvement, especially for the joy and experience of all the loyal, committed, and avid vaping fans all over the world. Box mods are things that are made to make vaping more fun, more enjoyable, more personalized, more you – it has changed the game from suiting your needs to what products are available and offered in the market to getting and satisfying your cravings and needs by these technologies that are made to make your vaping a memory to remember and treasure. With all the products that have been circling, saturating, and filling the vaping and box mod market, you’ll know this article will be your ultimate guide in deciding and finding the right vape unit for you, and your needs! And never be afraid to experiment (just don’t get yourself into dangerous situations!)! Always take things one step at a time and if you really need it, ask for help from more experienced vapers – friends, family, or from that friendly stranger that you met at the vape con.

In the end, get your life, and definitely get your one-of-a-kind, out-of-this-world, 100%-you vape on!