Your Ultimate Guide to The Best Box Mods in the Market

Vaping is one of the most monumental inventions made in recent years, as many of its enthusiasts would attest. It has undoubtedly greatly impacted modern life, health, and culture. It continues to pave the way for more innovations in the arena of recreational puffing. It has become such a phenomenon that its popularity has skyrocketed and has been one of the main staples in the ‘smoking’ scene in every country and continent – something that is very impressive considering that this technology was only introduced in the early 2000’s.

This technology has been the talk of the town as it promises things that are practically unheard of: healthy smoking, smoking with different flavors, and more. But is vaping really just that? Oh no. Vaping is much more than simply being a healthier alternative to traditional, unhealthy smoking.

Vaping has been known for its customizability. Unit structures, batteries, flavors…you name it and almost vape company offers exactly what you need. This is definitely one of the pros that is keeping many patrons and newer converts in the hobby. But what is the real deal with these customizations? How are they important? How are they changing lives for a lot of smokers? Read on to find out how vaping could do the same for you. Continue reading

The Best USA Box Mods Brands for 2018

A certain customization that has been making headlines in the vaping world is box mods. Box mods are named after their shape, which is made to house intricate mechanisms to regulate the voltage that runs through the unit. This in turn controls the rate at which your e-liquid is being vaporized. This is ideal if you are a vaper who wants to personalize the density, intensity, and size of your vaping clouds. Imagine how memorable your sessions will be – a dream for everyone who vapes!

This article will attempt to discuss vaping generally, but focusing mainly on box mods. By the end of this article, we will have provided you with an overview of what makes box mods the next step in your vaping hobby and how they could change your vaping experience for good.

A Short Introduction to Vaping, The Healthier New Thing

Many people are coming to the realization that they need to give up their nicotine habit. Nicotine has all kinds of nasty side-effects—not the least of which is addiction. Lighting up and smoking traditional rolled tobacco cigars and cigarettes have been known to be very detrimental to the respiratory system of the smoker. This is because cigarettes contain hundreds of carcinogens and chemicals that can be extremely dangerous inhaled directly into the lungs, especially if you’ve been a smoker for years. These chemicals, and the smoke of a cigarette, are not only harmful to you, but they are harmful to those around you. Secondhand smoke is believed to be almost as detrimental as firsthand inhalation. Traditional cigarettes and their harmful effects, not to mention their expense and their odor, are a thing of the past. E-cigarettes and vaping are taking their place in countries all across the world—and for good reason, too.

Chances are, if you’ve come to this website focused mainly on box mods, you already know all about vaping. But if you’re in the business of looking for your first box mod, it can’t help to know the basics. Vaping began with the e-cigarette in the early 2000s. For many, it has become a smoking cessation aid. E-cigarettes are easy to use, portable, almost odorless, and put off no smoke. This is because nothing is combusted when you vaporize. So what is happening inside your device? E-cigarettes, vape pens, vape mods and box mods all work on the same principles.

The e-cigarette, the mechanized unit that resembles a traditional cigarette, has three important parts: the battery, the tank, and the atomizer.

Looking at a traditional e-cigarette, the long white body is the battery, the faux filter acts as the atomizer and tank filed with e-liquid. From these parts one can deduce the main difference between the traditional and the new, smoke and vapor. In your e-cigarette, or any other vaping device you’ll use, the battery will heat the atomizer. The atomizer will then heat the q-liquid around it. Here’s the difference: e-cigarettes do not create smoke.

They do not combust any materials like you would when you light your cigarette. Instead, the e-liquid is heated until it becomes a gas or vapor. It is currently believed by many that vaporizing e-liquid is safer than smoking traditional cigarettes. This is due in part to the fact that e-liquid contains only three or four ingredients. Do you know how many are in the cigarettes you might be smoking now?

The fun of e-cigarettes ends a little when you realize there’s only so much you can do with a 280 mAh battery. E-cigarettes are probably only as customizable as choosing the color of the LED faux cherry on the end. Empty cartomizers can be difficult to come across, so you might only be able to choose from between a few flavors. The real customization comes in when you opt for a better vaporizer. In this case, you’re probably looking at a box mod. With one of these, the possibilities are endless.

Box Mods: Make Your Vaping Better

As mentioned earlier, box mods evolved organically from e-cigarettes. They were a natural matter of course when it came to battery customization. E-cig batteries can only offer so much in the way of power, vapor density, and varying power settings. Box mods were created from the tinkerers who looked at their e-cig battery and said, “We can do better.”

Box mods differ from their counterparts “mech” or mechanical mods because they have safety features installed in them. Box mods house some complicated wiring, which allows the user to regulate voltage, wattage, temperature, and more. With all the power stored in that battery that fires up the atomizer to over 200 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s a miracle the mod doesn’t blow up, right? Wrong. It’s because of the safety features that all box mods are equipped with. This is why we recommend box mods over building your own mech mod. Box mods are often equipped with temperature warnings, short-circuit protection, and much more to make sure you are satisfied—and safe—using a battery that can have over 5,000 mAh behind it. Two exciting companies to check out when to comes to really powerful, and affordable, box mods are Apollo and VaporFi. They can offer you many different models with every feature you could be looking for.

Box mods are made to be intuitive pieces of equipment. They are often completed with an LED screen which displays your settings. These settings can be changed at the turn of a dial or the push of a button, and since the box mod will control settings to keep in the safe range all on its own, you can feel free to tinker with temperature, voltage, and wattage until your vapor is exactly the way you want it. Now, just because box mods are designed to be user friendly doesn’t mean we are able to recommend them to beginners. If you’re coming right from cigarettes, we always recommend starting with an e-cig first. Then if you find that vaping satisfies your nicotine craving and you enjoy it as a hobby, we highly recommend investing into a better model. Try a vape pen or a vape mod to see how much customization you need. Not to mention, the better battery, the longer the battery life. It’s nice not to be chained to an outlet, right?

Box mods can be expensive because they are complicated pieces of equipment and they aren’t for everyone. However, if you find you like vaping and you enjoy tinkering a little bit to find the perfect cloud…a box mod might be just right for you.

The Many Types of Mods

We touched on it briefly before, but after you get past vape pens, there are about three kinds of mods: vape mods, mech mods, and box mods. What do they mean? Why should you choose a box mod? Does the difference matter all that much? The short answer is yes.

Vape mods are a step up from vape pens, which begin at about 650 mAh. Vape mods are anywhere from 650 mAh to 1000 mAh. What does that mean? An e-cigarette boasts only about 250-280 mAh, which is enough power to last maybe a work day, but probably less if you vape often. A vape pen can easily last for a couple of days before you need to recharge and it will give you a better vapor. Vape mods pack a powerful punch at around 1000 mAh, which is more than enough for a few days. Vape mods are considered the perfect marriage between portability and power; however, they won’t give you nearly as much power and customization as a box mod.

Again, we talked briefly about mechanical mods. These are also referred to as unregulated mods because they do not have any of the safety features of box mods. They are often built by hand by the vaper themselves. Because of this, you must have a working knowledge of electrical theory to build something safely. Unless you want to spend a lot of money and time on building a working, safe mech mod…we highly recommend going with a pre-built regulated mod.

A regulated mod is another name for a box mod. They are so named because the power within them is regulated by complex circuitry. You’ll never have to worry about overheating or short-circuiting or fires or small explosions so long as your box mod is working properly. Box mods might not allow you to reach unsafe levels of power to your atomizer or use abnormally low Ohms, but they will offer more than enough power and vapor customization for almost anyone out there. Since the vaping market has grown, you can find a box mod with incredible power and any number of controls for your vapor production. The possibilities are endless. If you’re into vaping as a hobby and want the best way to enjoy e-liquids and clouds, the box mod is certainly the way to go.

How Do You Use Box Mods?

Box mods are, for the most part, designed intuitively. No vaping company wants their customers to read a novel-length instruction book just to figure out how to fill the tank. For the most part, you’ll be able to unpack your box mod, set it on the charger for a few hours, and start vaping the same day it arrives on your doorstep. The only complications arise when you start fiddling with the settings. At the touch of a button, you’ll be able to change temperatures, wattages, voltages and so on. It can get dicey, so keep track of your settings.

There is no ideal setting for every box mod. Box mods are meant to be tailored to the user specifically, so your friend or a reviewer online will always have different recommendations. You simply have to find what works best for you and decide what kind of box mod you need for your daily use.

When it comes to using your box mod, you should become familiar with all of its parts. These parts are the same for almost every vaporizing device out there. Understand the tank and how to fill it, clean it, and replace it if need be. Certainly keep an eye on your atomizer and keep replacements around. Your atomizer will need to be replaced, so make sure it’s a simple process. Atomizers are commonly sold on the website from which you purchased the vaporizer. For example, if you buy from Apollo, they’ll have replacement atomizers and tanks already there for their models.

Using your box mod will be simple. They are most often equipped with a screen and a few buttons to change the settings—most important is to simply take care of your device and become familiar with it.

The Pros and The Cons of Box Mods

Before you make your decision, there are a few aspects you should consider. Box mods are certainly an advance in the vaping community, but there are always drawbacks. The first, some would consider a pro: freedom of customization. When you buy a box mod, it can be intimidating. You put in the e-liquid, but now what? What temperature is right? What voltage, what wattage? A big part of getting into box mods is an ability to explore. There is no guidebook for what’s best for which e-liquid. You’ll have to tamper with the settings to find out what works best for your flavor of choice. In fact, e-liquids from different companies in the same flavor can taste better at different settings. It does take time, but you’ll be amazed at how delicious caramel coffee e-juice can taste or how fruity and luscious mango e-juice can be.

If you’re looking for a quality e-liquid to begin with, head over to ePuffer. They have some fantastic hookah e-liquids that are designed to give you a huge, flavorful cloud. If they don’t have the flavor you’re looking for, head over to VaporFi for a selection of—wait for it—over 30,000 e-juice flavors.

Again, box mods will take some time to learn how to use. They are fitted with safety features, but make sure you’re ready to read up on your device. Each box mod has temperature limits, Ohm limits, wattage and voltage limits. You should familiarize yourself with these to avoid unnecessary damage to your device in the process of tinkering with the settings.

The major pro of box mods is simply this: they changed the game from meeting the needs of a smoker to exceeding expectations. Box mods were the logical step in making vaping fun and enjoyable. It’s not about satisfying a nicotine craving, it’s about making vaping into a hobby and a lifestyle. With a box mod, your vaping experience can be anything you want it to be. With endless flavors, endless tank models, and endless battery combinations…vaping will never be the same.

Box mods offer incredible power, battery life, unparalleled taste, and more. If you’ve found that you’ve outgrown your vape pen, you might want to consider making the jump to box mods.

With all the products that have been saturating the vaping and box mod market, you’ll want a little advice on how to choose the right box mod for you. There are a ton out there, each with their own quirks and specialties. The key to finding the perfect box mod is experimentation coupled with old fashioned good advice. On this website, we’ll provide you with plenty of box mod options and helpful hints at choosing the best for your needs. Always take things one step at a time and if you really need it, ask for help from more experienced vapers – friends, family, or check out the online community as well.

In the end, get your life, and definitely get your one-of-a-kind, out-of-this-world, 100%-you vape on!